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  1. Jason Burke
    January 30, 2014

    Prasanta, great points about marketers indirectly using social via campaign targeting as a path towards the goal of brand health metrics or even conversion.
    In order to prove the efficacy of the social signal, both marketers and media partners need ways to close the loop with attribution to understand if targeting
    tweeters, FB users and Foursquare addicts is delivering on the real marketing goal.

    This is relevant no matter the medium (display, mobile, video, television, etc) of the ad delivery

  2. Samuel Metcalf
    January 31, 2014

    Great points as well, closing the loop will help define the ROI of targeting social characteristics. It can be challenging to ensure that you are doing this correctly; whether you're a publisher or marketer. The good news is that a DMP can assist with this. Sharing buttons on a publisher's website can be pixel'ed to capture those that are actively sharing content. Advertising can be pushed to these users and become an intricate part of a marketers campaign/objective.

    Social influencers can be a separate line item in the campaign targeting, allowing the markerter to review, specifically, how targeting this group of users performed (i.e. ROI).

    We're doing this at Journal Sentinel and it's incredibly insightful, useful, and actionable.


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