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  • A weekly comic strip from AdExchanger that highlights the digital advertising ecosystem...

    AdExchanger: Origins
    AdExchanger: Crisis In Ad City (Part I)
    AdExchanger: Crisis In Ad City (Part II)
    AdExchanger: Enter Malware (Part I)
    AdExchanger: Enter Malware (Part II)
    AdExchanger: Enter Malware (Part III)
    AdExchanger: Enter Malware (The Conclusion)
    AdExchanger: Angels And Startups
    AdExchanger: Rumble In Arbitrage Plaza (Part I)
    AdExchanger: Rumble In Arbitrage Plaza (Part II)
    AdExchanger: Rumble In Arbitrage Plaza (Part III)
    AdExchanger: Rumble In Arbitrage Plaza (Part IV)
    AdExchanger: Rumble In Arbitrage Plaza (Part V)
    AdExchanger: Rumble In Arbitrage Plaza (The Conclusion)
    AdExchanger: A Visit To The Museum Of Modern Audience (Part I)
    AdExchanger: A Visit To The Museum Of Modern Audience (Part II)
    AdExchanger: Father R.O.I. And The Church Of The Holy View-Through
    AdExchanger: Angst In Publisher Town - Intro
    AdExchanger: Angst In Publisher Town - Part II
    AdExchanger: Angst In Publisher Town - Part III
    AdExchanger: Angst In Publisher Town - Part IV
    AdExchanger: Angst In Publisher Town - The Conclusion
    AdExchanger: The Queen Of Brand Safety - Part I
    AdExchanger: The Queen Of Brand Safety - The Conclusion
    AdExchanger: DR Stars - Part I
    AdExchanger: DR Stars - The Conclusion
    AdExchanger: The Emergency Slide
    AdExchanger: Data Leakage
    AdExchanger: The Quarterly Outlook For Advertising
    AdExchanger: Shaken Or Stirred
    AdExchanger: Retargeting Kills
    AdExchanger: Solve The Puzzle
    AdExchanger: My Life Is Data (Part I)
    AdExchanger: My Life Is Data (Part II)
    AdExchanger: My Life Is Data (Part III)
    AdExchanger: My Life Is Data (The Conclusion)
    AdExchanger: Smell Like Audience Buying
    AdExchanger: Ad Tech Week In NYC
    AdExchanger: Audience Roadshow
    AdExchanger: The Belle Of The Ball
    AdExchanger: Channeling Digital Ads
    AdExchanger: RTB Auction Still Frame
    AdExchanger: The Great Online Privacy Battle
    AdExchanger: Under The RTB Tree
    AdExchanger: This Is Our Year
    AdExchanger: How To Get Start-up Investment
    AdExchanger: The Brand Marketer Goes Digital
    AdExchanger: The Broswer Decides
    AdExchanger: The Facebook Ad Network
    AdExchanger: Aol Ad Strategy
    AdExchanger: The Race For Supply
    AdExchanger: I Am Back
    AdExchanger: Digital Marketing Plan – Execution Phase
    AdExchanger: The Bog Of Data
    AdExchanger: Nice Branding
    AdExchanger: First-Party Data Party
    AdExchanger: Attribution Pachinko
    AdExchanger: Adtechophobia
    AdExchanger: Real-Time Optimization
    AdExchanger: The Audience Bomb
    AdExchanger: The Dynamic Creative
    AdExchanger: Ad Technology PR
    AdExchanger: 2011
    AdExchanger: IPOs Coming To Ad Tech?
    AdExchanger: Feeding The Graph
    AdExchanger: A Publishers Nightmare
    AdExchanger: #winning
    AdExchanger: Welcome Aboard
    AdExchanger: Early DMP
    AdExchanger: Pie Contest
    AdExchanger: The Marketing Stack
    AdExchanger: Q2 2011
    AdExchanger: Queries Per Second
    AdExchanger: Audience Data Mining
    AdExchanger: The Display Compass
    AdExchanger: Where Is The Software
    AdExchanger: I Swear I Am An Ad Network
    AdExchanger: Hi Brian
    AdExchanger: Tale Of Two Chairs
    AdExchanger: Search Retargeting
    AdExchanger: The Engagement Future
    AdExchanger: Bigger Plumbing
    AdExchanger: #advertisingweek #aw8
    AdExchanger: The Agency And The Marketers Big Data
    Considering Premium
    The Cookie Pool
    Entering The Purple Kingdom
    Nisenholtz Retires
    Display Foosball
    Thanksgiving Day In Ad City
    The Marketer And The ATD
    Digital Training
    Inside The Facebook Ad API
    2012 Arrives
    The Battle For Ads
    Smart TV
    The Engagement Revolution
    The Algos
    The Facebook IPO
    A Viewable Impression
    What Happens Below The Fold, Stays...
    Big (Ads)
    Navel Gazing
    Ad Trafficking
    RTB Games
    A Technology Company
    Planner Suspends Campaign
    New Data Released On Ad Spend
    The App Marketplace
    Creative Week New York
    Fifty Shades Of Ads
    Context Matters
    The Purchase Funnel
    Lucky Social
    AdExchanger arrives in Cannes
    Storytelling Online
    Audience Man
    The Facebook Exchange
    Like New
    Risk Reward
    Lighting The Cauldron
    Lean States
    CEO Bait
    Technology-Driven Culture
    Fat Fingers
    House Ads
    Data Is The Fuel
    Display 2012
    Planet Of The Ad Tech
    Barrett Leaves
    Public CEO
    Adding Guaranteed
    The Real Partners
    The Creation Of Addressability
    Black Friday
    River Of Pricing
    Big Data
    Programmatic Arrives
    Holistic Yield Management
    Pirates Of The Copyright Sea
    Tag Management
    Vanity Graph
    The Fourth Horseman?
    Premium Tiki
    Demand-Side Platform
    Ad Scouts
    Programmatic Dog
    Swimming With The Client
    The Ad Tech Pope
    Cookie Vault
    The Chameleon Botnet
    The New Normal, San Francisco
    Data-Driven Spring
    Mobile Panini
    Money-Back Guaranteed
    Second-Party Data Party
    Online GRP
    Cutting The Tumblr Lawn
    Catching The Video Ad Thermal
    Data Coop
    The Creative And Cannes
    Native Ads
    Dr. Programmaticstein
    The Mobile Shift
    Programmatica Upfrontus
    Scale Matters
    Avoiding The Rollercoaster
    The Mobile Freight Train
    AdExchanger In Vogue
    The Marketers Calendars
    Its Mine
    Grumpy Planner
    Recruiting Digital
    BRIC Housing
    Buying A DMP
    Delayed Viewability
    AdExchanger Barge
    Marketing Tech
    Programmatic Nuts
    Santas Cookies
    The Blizzard Of Data
    Creative Shop
    One-To-One Communication
    The State Of Programmatic
    Winter Storm Adzilla
    The Innovation Triangle
    Ad Tech Conference
    Day One
    TV Video Collide
    Transparency Class
    The Big Wave
    Advertising VR
    Stirring CPG
    Closing The Loop
    Shopper Marketing Data
    The Anonymous Login
    Fraud Today
    Extending The Pipes
    Internet Of Things
    Programmatic Gamble
    The Tube Abides
    Demand-Side Lineup
    Late Stage Ad Tech
    Dr. Programmaticstein Strikes Again
    Data-Driven Publishers
    "Hope this works!"
    The Fight Against Fraud
    Probabilistic Meets Deterministic
    Cross-Device Cook-Off
    Magnum P.I.I.
    Programmatic Is Here
    Shopping For Native
    Yahoo Power Up
    Pitching The Marketer
    Caught In The Eurozone
    King Cloud
    Trick or Treat?
    Login Now!
    Waste of Space
    G-Men Answer the Call
    Google Viewability Benchmark
    Through the Data Woods
    Crossing Into 2015
    The Video Brick Road
    The Brand Trading Desk
    Publishers Paradise
    TV Infrastructure
    Programmatic Super Bowl
    We Are Still Not At 100%
    Verifying Viewability
    Aquamans Sidekick: Acqui-Hire!
    Looking Forward
    Screening The Suppliers
    TV-Web Convergence
    The Church of Apps
    New School
    The Shift to Transparency
    The TV Line Dance
    Shopping For Tech
    Raise The Main Sail
    Fraud Avengers
    Can you hear me now?
    Creative Comes Out To Play
    Breakfast of Marketers
    Labeling Native Ads
    Jurassic Media
    Data Breaching In Cannes
    TV Data Collection
    Microsoft Leaves The Party
    Programmatic Pompeii
    All Tomorrows Retail
    The Four Mavens
    Pooling The Device Data
    It looked stable!
    Hey, wha happen?
    Showdown At Opt-Out Corral
    The Mobile Maelstrom
    Building The Device Bridge
    Instagram Pit Stop
    Blocking Mobile Ads
    King Pub
    The Other Shoe
    The Fickle User
    Total Audience Measurement
    House of PII
    Exit This Way
    Google Admits Third Parties
    Dont Worry Its Simple
    Omni-Channel Friday
    Lord Of What Manor
    The Big Game
    First Dance
    Oh, mama! Why must I marry? Why?
    Native Lumberjack
    Video Scarcity
    Content Loading Zone
    Dumping The Ballast
    March Adness
    Inspecting The Troops
    They Grow Up So Fast
    Let There Be Stack
    Zucks New Empire
    Second Lunchtime
    The Mobile Canopy
    Election 2016
    In The TV Dojo
    Open Summer
    Television Camp
    Working For Tips
    Power Couple
    Automating The Chop Shop
    Planet of the Brexit
    Officer Algorithm
    Location Go
    Choosing Agency Models
    Verizon Waxing
    The New Collector
    Going Gold
    Doom and Boom
    Back To School!
    That seats taken.
    Facebook Video Metrics
    Add To Cart
    Its Almost Over
    Garbage In
    Earned Media
    Picky Eater
    Is this thing finally happening
    Here Comes A New Challenger
    All The Presidents Men
    Investing In AI
    Year Of The Marketer
    Not It
    Unhappy Medium
    Server Side Integration
    Special Delivery
    Scouring the Supply Chain
    Chronicles of MediaLink
    Billionaire Club
    Closing The Loop
    Oh Snap
    Taking It In House
    One more time, Michael
    Brand Safety
    Data Mountaineering
    Last Look
    The Attribution Game
    I eats me data
    The Quest For Quality
    Jockeying For Position
    A Comfortable Siege
    Mt. Viewmore
    The Unified Auction
    Full Transparency
    House Rules
    Cant Have It Both Ways
    Targeting Millennials
    Summer Fridays
    Acquired Taste
    We brought our own.
    Supply Path Optimization
    Media Totality
    Now Serving
    Escape Velocity
    But how do you frequency cap them?
    Artificial A.I.
    HTML5 Mob
    GDPR Compliance
    I think we need another reorg.

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