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  Friday, March 9
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Today's Must Read

IAB Europe Releases GDPR Standards For Passing Consent To Ad Tech Buyers
“The IAB solution envisions that publishers will get global consent for the entire ecosystem, store it in a cookie [and] share it with a third-party consent server,” said Jason Kint, CEO of online media trade group Digital Content Next, in a note to AdExchanger. More.

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AT&T Advertising’s Talent Bench Takes Shape
Ever since AT&T hired GroupM honcho Brian Lesser last August to lead its new advertising and analytics business, he’s been on a hiring spree. And many of the recruits share one thing in common: They’ve earned their programmatic stripes in some capacity. More.

Podcast: Goodway Seeks A Better Way To Do Programmatic
"Strategy is underrated in programmatic," COO Jay Friedman says. "Everyone thinks about the trading and the bidding and the platform. That's complicated, but there is a significant amount of strategy before and after the buying is done." More.

Data-Driven Thinking...Deterministic Data Isn't What It Seems
People-based marketing data models must go beyond a single cookie-to-hash pair or cookie-to-mobile ID pair and chart identity snowflakes, just like Facebook, Amazon and Google. More.

On TV & Video...Brands Need To Turn Over A New Leaf At The NewFronts
Wholesale improvements to the digital ecosystem this year are unlikely, but there are important steps that brands can take now to get transparency and quality in a converged market. More.

Verizon Connect Turns To Consumer-Facing Channels To Launch Its B2B Brand
"I think the trap marketers fall into is they think consumer and B2B are two distinct universes,” Verizon Connect's Jay Jaffin said. “We’re starting to break the mold in understanding where some consumer channels, when harnessed appropriately, make a ton of sense for B2B marketers." More.

News Round Up

News Weak

Newsweek Media Group, the once-venerable US publisher, is losing advertising technology partners and advertisers amid scathing reports of online ad fraud and a crackdown from the Manhattan District Attorney. AppNexus, SpotX and Teads have each ended their relationships with Newsweek and subsidiary publisher the International Business Times, reports The Wall Street Journal. Newsweek fired two employees who were purportedly responsible for deploying code across the company’s sites that falsely inflated its advertising metrics. There are plenty of ad tech fish in the sea, but still, the damage could be critical. Newsweek is also splitting off IBT media into a separate operating group in an apparent effort to quarantine sites with heavy invalid traffic. More.


Ghostery, a privacy and ad-blocking tool, used to make money by selling browsing data from opted-in users to ecommerce merchants and other sites looking for insights on ad-blocked audiences or details on why page functions aren’t working. Many Ghostery users resented the revenue model because “on its face, it just looked like Ghostery was selling user data – precisely what you don’t want from a privacy tool designed to block ads and trackers,” writes Wired. Moving forward, the revenue model will include a premium subscription launching later this year for publishers or researchers who want more thorough browsing data, as well as an affiliate program, Ghostery Rewards, periodically notifying users of relevant discounts on travel or shopping. More.  

Medicaid Expansion

Amazon has launched a half-priced Prime subscription for US recipients of Medicaid, the federal medical coverage offered primarily to pregnant women, low-income families, the elderly and the disabled. It’s a nice gesture, although perhaps not an entirely altruistic one. Walmart and its ecommerce group Jet.com have been trying to push into Amazon’s urban and upper-market territory, and this announcement is Amazon’s counterplay, writes The New York Times. The move will also open a powerful data stream on lower-income (but still potentially lucrative) new customers. Some experts expect Amazon to compile better data on Medicaid populations than the US government. More.

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