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  Friday, March 16
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Today's Must Read

Can Outbrain Move Away From Clickbait?
"I understand the criticism of paying for traffic. But the value in the cost-per-click world is that you only get people to click on content if it’s valuable enough," said Yaron Galai, cofounder and CEO. More.

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Podcast: 4C Insights Stretches Beyond Social
All the big agency groups, along with many independents, use 4C's technology. Total ad spend through its platform exceeds $1 billion across Facebook, Instagram, Snap, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. More.

White Ops And Beachfront Team Up To Prevent OTT Ad Fraud – But How Big Of A Problem Is It?
Beachfront is working with White Ops to help eliminate that possibility by detecting instances where, for example, mobile video inventory might be passed off as OTT. And prevention is almost always better than detection after the fact, particularly for a new channel in need of advertiser budgets. More.

Google's AdMob Bids Adieu To The Waterfall With Its Take On In-App Header Bidding
“Think of it as [Google’s] Exchange Bidding, but for networks,” said Sissie Hsiao, VP of product for mobile app advertising at Google. “Everyone bids in and we call to the networks in real time.” More.

Paid Media Becomes Table Stakes For Subscription Video
Pay-TV providers are increasingly investing in paid media to promote new and original programming on their streaming video services. To offset the pricy programming costs, these SVODs must attract a steady stream of new subscribers. More.

Data-Driven Thinking...How To Survive In A First-Price, GDPR World
Implementing one of these changes alone is hard, but both at the same time will make programmatic exponentially harder as the two factors build on each other to decrease ROI. More.

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News Round Up

Prime Numbers

Reuters obtained audience numbers for Amazon’s Prime Video subscription service. According to the internals, by early 2017 Amazon Video had drawn more than 5 million people into the Prime loyalty program, and about 26 million people overall were watching content on the platform. Amazon now spends $5 billion per year on original content, as entertainment has proven a powerful on-boarding ramp to Prime membership and a virtuous cycle of consumer spending. Those video numbers also point to why Amazon keeps its most valuable content ad-free behind a subscription paywall, since it isn’t about recouping ad revenue for the studio investments. It’s about the lifetime value of a Prime subscriber compared to a mere logged-in Amazon shopper. More.

Fickle Friend

Facebook is offering to fund news publishers’ shows for its Watch video hub. But publishers, fed up with Facebook’s tendency to flip-flop on such offers, are proceeding with caution, WSJ reports. Facebook pulled a similar stunt with its Live section, spending $50 million to fund year-long projects for news pubs, and then failing to renew those deals the following season. Still, publishers are willing to take the risk if it means access to Facebook’s huge audience. “I think anytime Facebook is willing to pay, we’re more willing to play,” said a publishing exec. “The problem is that when these pilot programs expire, there is still no clear revenue channel. Then you’re stuck.” More. Related: The chairman of NBC News slammed Facebook, AdAge reports. “You can't have a relationship with them.”

Asleep At The Wheel

Snapchat’s shares sank almost 5% Thursday after pop singer Rihanna called out the app for running a tasteless ad that asked users to decide whether they wanted to “slap Rihanna” or “punch Chris Brown.” Snapchat removed the ad, which ran inside a mobile game on the platform, and chalked it up to an error by its review team, which is supposed to block any content that violates its policy banning“shocking, sensational or disrespectful” content. “We are so sorry we made the terrible mistake of allowing it through our review process,” Snap said in a statement. “We are investigating how that happened so that we can make sure it never happens again.” More on Bloomberg.

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