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  Tuesday, March 20
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Today's Must Read

The Cambridge Analytica Scandal Won't Stop Advertisers From Spending On Facebook
If advertisers were going to stop spending on Facebook because of bad news, there would have been a meaningful decline last year or even the year before with news of Facebook’s “fairly serious” measurement errors and its fake news problem, Melissa Parrish, VP and group director at Forrester, said.  More.

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EMarketer: Duopoly Slips As Amazon And Snap Gain Ground
While Google and Facebook both continue to grow in real numbers and are still far and away the most dominant digital advertising platforms in the US, competition from Amazon and Snap are eating into their market share, said Monica Pert, forecasting analyst at eMarketer. More.

Oath Revamps Its Header Bidding-Like Tech For Mobile Apps
In the new iteration, AOL’s Super Auction runs in parallel against demand from the publisher’s SSP. The result is a more competitive auction that’s less of a technical hassle to set up, said Patrick McCormack, Oath’s VP of publisher sales. More.

Data-Driven Thinking...Ad Tech Isn’t Overpriced
A common complaint is that an excessive share of budgets is diverted from working media to line the pockets of people and platforms in the strata of the digital supply chain...I won’t pretend that every single one of these investments is sound, but I will argue that in aggregate they represent extraordinary value for marketers and media owners alike. More.

On TV & Video...Six-Second TV Ads: Little Ripples And The Potential Redemption Of Frequency
Interestingly, now that we don’t necessarily have to broker in the currency of 30 seconds or longer, the door opens to other advertisers – potentially sophisticated advertisers from the digital realm who perhaps have been working with short video content this whole time. More.

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News Round Up

RIP “Super Cookie”

WebKit, the open-source browser infrastructure operated by Apple, has updated its code to prevent HSTS-based tracking. HSTS is a great feature that automatically redirects traffic to secure page connections if a person accidentally uses an insecure URL – and then remembers to directly route that user to the secure connection moving forward. Except that means storing information on a device, which means HSTS can be (and has been) fiendishly leveraged as a persistent cookie, sometimes referred  as a “super cookie.” Criteo alluded to the practice in an earnings report late last year. “Attempts to mitigate this attack are challenging because of the difficulty in balancing security and privacy goals,” writes Apple software engineer Brent Fulgham in a blog post. But now the company has a solution that functionally quashes the infamous HSTS super cookie.

Add To Cart

Google initiates millions of product searches from shoppers on its search engine, and now it wants a cut of the sales. On Monday, the company launched a program called Shopping Actions for retailers to list their products as sponsored units on Google search, Google Express Shopping and Google Assistant, its voice-activated search, in exchange for a cut of sales, reports Reuters. Target, Walmart, Ulta Beauty, Home Depot and Costco have signed on to access the Google product-listing and shopping cart service – which is separate from search advertising. The move is squarely aimed at Amazon, a colossal search platform in its own right that also captures many transactions that begin as Google searches. More.

Snapping Back

Not a good month for Snap Inc.’s popularity standing. The messaging app has faced user and celebrity backlash against an unpopular app redesign and an offensive advertisement about Rihanna. The markets have responded negatively to Snap’s inflammatory news cycle, with shares dipping as much as 6% in February. But social media users aren’t as fickle as they sound. First-time downloads of Snapchat were up 18% in the month after the redesign, and more people are spending time on Discover, The Wall Street Journal reports. More. Advertisers are sticking it out as well, with eMarketer’s latest social forecast growing Snap’s share of the digital advertising market to 1% this year [AdExchanger coverage].

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