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  Tuesday, March 27
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PROGRAMMATIC I/O San Francisco, April 10-11, sponsored by Telaria and Beachfront — Day 1, 3:55pm: “Advanced TV: From Programmatic To Addressable For B2C And B2B” – Brienna Pinnow from Blinc Digital Group breaks down the fundamentals of Advanced TV.

Today's Must Read

What GDPR Costs Digital Media And Technology Companies
Technology upgrade costs will likely remain high for a couple of years as GDPR enforcement and the finalization of ePrivacy regulations clear up ambiguity in the market, said Andrew Katz, co-founder and CTO of customer data platform (CDP) mParticle. More.

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How Turner Monetizes New Channels Amid Changing Viewer Habits
"Ad tech and mar tech is still in its infancy, but the pace of change is so great. And if you’re not transparent with internal and external partners, you’re really just limiting the pace of innovation," said Turner's Amit Chaturvedi. More.

Zenith: More Money Goes To Ad Tech Than To Actual Media
The ad tech sector is still pretty nascent, said Jonathan Barnard, head of forecasting at Zenith, but as it matures, its growth rate won’t sustain. Still, ad tech’s rapid growth has forced more advertiser budgets into the hands of vendors rather than toward buying actual media, he said. More.

On TV & Video...Digital Can Amplify TV Ads And Stretch Spend Further
In the modern living room, timing is everything. Brands that fail to understand TV/digital fusion will get less value from their TV spend and leave themselves at a competitive disadvantage. More.

Data-Driven Thinking...For Ad Agencies to Survive, Transparency Must Be More Than Just A Buzzword
Moving forward, agencies can only build trust through transparency, leaning into the practices that give clients insight into their supply chain, billing model and definition of success for both sides of the partnership. More.

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News Round Up

Trade Secret

The Federal Trade Commission’s consumer protection bureau announced an “open non-public investigation” into Facebook’s privacy practices following the revelation that political data firm Cambridge Analytica used illicitly obtained Facebook data to target messages to US voters. Here’s the full statement. Bloomberg claims the FTC’s investigation is based on “whether Facebook violated terms of a 2011 consent decree over its handling of personal user data that was transferred to Cambridge Analytica without users’ knowledge.” More.

Turn Back Time

Meredith is reorganizing Time Inc.’s ad ops, reports The Wall Street Journal. Meredith plans to sell based on titles instead of industry categories – reversing a sales structure that Time installed in 2016. Back then, Time wanted to give ad buyers a single point of contact and to consolidate its scale to compete with Facebook and Google. That plan did not work. In fact, Meredith Executive Chairman Steve Lacy cited the reorg as a reason for Time’s declining revenues. Now, Meredith wants to undo what it perceives as a past mistake. “The realignment is intended to strengthen ties with ad agencies and marketers and give specific magazines greater visibility,” writes the Journal’s Jeffrey Trachtenberg. More. It’s fair to wonder how Meredith’s plan to sell based on Time Inc.’s titles will work since it also wants to sell off those titles.

Rock, Meet Hard Place

With GDPR looming, WPP’s GroupM has sent a “non-negotiable” data protection contract to publisher partners – but some of those pubs see a Trojan horse, according to Digiday. Publishers would have to share control of their data, making GroupM a data controller. [Read AdExchanger’s GDPR guide for pubs.] That position would seriously empower GroupM, potentially granting the media-buying unit the ability to message consumers directly about the terms of their consent. But publishers fear they’d be ceding their customer relationships to GroupM. Of course, if they don’t sign the contract, then they risk losing GroupM’s business. More.

What’s The Dish?

The Justice Department’s challenge to AT&T’s merger with Time Warner resumed Monday with testimony by Warren Schlichting, group president of Dish’s Sling TV, key rival to AT&T’s DirecTV service. Schlichting substantiated the DOJ’s case that consumers can expect higher prices and increased channel blackouts due to the acquisition, Variety reports. AT&T will argue that the deal isn’t anticompetitive because AT&T is fighting the user growth of companies like Netflix, Amazon and Google. Schlichting emphasized that Dish and its Sling TV service represent the only true direct competitor to AT&T’s DirecTV as a satellite and live-streaming TV provider. More.

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