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  Wednesday, April 11
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Zuck’s Pledge To Congress: Political Ad Transparency, An App Crackdown And Big Security Investments
“We’re in the process of investigating every app that had access to a large amount of information before we locked down our platform in 2014,” his prepared statements say. “If we detect suspicious activity, we’ll do a full forensic audit. And if we find that someone is improperly using data, we’ll ban them and tell everyone affected.” More.

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How The NHL CMO Is Bringing Hockey Fever To The Desert
Not only did the NHL have to localize its message in a new market, it had the bigger challenge of reaching a digital-first fan base. More.

How Broadcasters Hope To Make Money From Live Online Newscasts
The challenges are steep. Streaming live news requires large, ongoing investments, and it’s difficult to monetize audiences, as live news can be a hotbed of brand safety concerns. More.

On TV & Video...When Should Brands Choose TV Advertising?
TV is often appropriate earlier than most advertisers assume. In general, a good indicator of the right time to go into TV is when incremental spend on digital platforms, such as Facebook or Google SEM, stops driving incremental sales. More.

Data-Driven Thinking...How Digitally Native Brands Succeed On Programmatic
Traditional brands must take notice: The disruptors in their industry are uniquely equipped to succeed in driving customer growth through programmatic advertising. More.

News Round Up

Sunny Skies

More than $46 billion, or roughly 83% of all digital display dollars, will be transacted programmatically this year. That’s up $10 billion from last year, according to eMarketer’s latest programmatic ad spend forecast. Private deals, including private marketplaces and programmatic direct, will facilitate the majority of the $19 billion in new programmatic dollars expected to enter the space in 2019 and 2020. “Buyers have come to rely on programmatic as the primary way to infuse their ad campaigns with first-, second- or third-party data insights,” said Lauren Fisher, principal analyst at eMarketer. Read the forecast.  


Because so few ad tech and marketing tech companies are public, “reality checks are hard to come by,” writes Pivotal research senior analyst Brian Wieser. One of Wieser’s favorite back-of-the-napkin measurements is LinkedIn headcount tracking. It’s an imperfect yardstick, especially for those growing more in Asia or countries where LinkedIn has less adoption, but still a useful benchmark. Companies in the sector saw steep drop-offs in year-over-year growth rates, and a subset of 26 pure-play ad tech companies fared worse than the average. That said, some pure-plays are still growing at a fair clip. The Trade Desk was up more than 50% from last year, Yext and HubSpot grew around 30% and Shopify grew 71%.

Strange Bedfellows

Agencies have evolved how they work with brands and with tech partners, but what about with each other? Procter & Gamble’s fabric care business in North America is creating a standalone creative agency comprised of talent from Publicis Groupe ’s Saatchi & Saatchi, WPP’s Grey and Omnicom’s Hearts & Science and Marina Maher Communications, Alexandra Bruell reports for The Wall Street Journal. Read it. P&G cut its overall agency roster from 6,000 to 2,500 in 2017 and will finish this year with half that many, totalling about $1 billion per year in disappeared agency costs [AdExchanger coverage].

Not Kidding Around

YouTube has been accused of violating COPPA, the US privacy law that restricts what online data a company can gather on the 13-and-under set without parental consent. A complaint filed Monday by a coalition of more than 20 consumer advocacy groups estimates YouTube has inappropriately collected data on around 23 million children over “a period of years.” It’s asking the FTC to investigate and levy a $41,484 fine for each infraction – which would add up to billions. Although YouTube’s terms of services do say the site is only for people over 13, it’s easy to lie about your age. And according to one research firm, 45% of kids 8-12 have a YouTube account. “I don’t think any company, whether it’s Facebook or YouTube or Snapchat, can hide from the fact that there are about 10 times more kids online today than there were six or seven years ago when their products were being designed or built,” Dylan Collins, CEO of kid-focused privacy tech firm SuperAwesome, told The New York Times. The complaint comes amid a public reckoning over data collection, from Facebook’s ongoing Cambridge Analytica scandal to GDPR coming down the pike in Europe.

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