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  Thursday, May 3

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Agencies: Google’s Limitation Of DoubleClick ID Will Raise Garden Walls Even Higher
“This is the most high-profile change to impact US-based advertising businesses, but likely not the last,” said Justin Scarborough, programmatic media director at programmatic agency PMG. “It pushes marketers who choose to use Google further within their walls, which will benefit Google in the long run.” More.

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Hulu Launches Dynamic Ad Insertion, Hits 20 Million Subscribers
While 20 million subscribers is a lot smaller than rivals Netflix (125 million subs) and Amazon Prime (100 million subs), Hulu is ad-supported. Ad-supported subscribers are up 40% this year to 40 million viewers, said Hulu’s head of advertising Peter Naylor. More.

Criteo Profits Are Up For Now, In Last Earnings Report Before GDPR
Criteo stock jumped after the earnings reports, as strong financials and its relatively optimistic outlook on GDPR and ePrivacy regulations in the European Union assuage some of the investor concerns weighing down the company. More.

F8: Some Developers Are Frustrated, But Most Are Far From Mutinous
“It’s hard to be a Facebook developer, not because of all the bad press Facebook’s getting but because they keep breaking things,” said a developer at F8. “Then again, I also have empathy for Facebook. They’re just trying to preserve their business so that we can have one.” More.

Alibaba’s Video Platform Youku Test Drives Mirriad’s 10-Second, Nonskippable Ad Unit
“Early on, a lot of big brands used pre-roll because it was very measurable and guaranteed exposure,” said Enfys Luk, senior manager for integrated marketing and innovative ads at Youku. “But consumers aren’t interested in pre-roll anymore and either skip it or look away from phones while they wait 30 seconds for the ad to load.” More.

Jelli Brings On A New CRO To Lead The Company’s Direct-To-Brand Push
Richard Knopke joins Jelli as the company starts to sell directly to brands that are taking media buying in-house. Previously, Jelli focused on selling its programmatic radio demand-side platform (DSP) to terrestrial radio buyers at agencies. More.

The Sell Sider...A Publisher’s Success Begins And Ends With A Data And Audience Strategy
Media brands’ monetization future depends on solid audience and data strategies. The main objective should be to gain and use true people knowledge as a foundation for engagement and monetization, rather than simply collecting isolated data points. More.

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News Round Up

End Of An Error

Cambridge Analytica has shut down. “The Company is immediately ceasing all operations and the boards have applied to appoint insolvency practitioners Crowe Clark Whitehill LLP to act as the independent administrator for Cambridge Analytica,” the company said in a statement. In a parting shot, Cambridge Analytica claimed it had been “vilified” for practices that are both legal and accepted within marketing and political advertising. Certainly, there’s truth to the notion that Cambridge Analytica’s ad-targeting capabilities were standard fare – read more about that idea here and here. But eventually, the company said, the continuous negative media coverage made it no longer viable for Cambridge Analytica to continue. Read the statement.

Paper Trail

Last year, Google said it would stop scanning Gmail users’ emails for targeting and attribution, but Oath is running with the strategy. “There's a lot of sensitivity around Oath's promotion of this kind of tactic, but they are pushing it hard as a capability they have,” one anonymous agency exec tells Garett Sloane at Ad Age. The Yahoo Mail redesign last month highlights shopping emails to help users track purchases, but also because those emails include valuable purchase information. Finding ways to access receipt data has turned into a lucrative niche for mobile apps and browser tools that scrape the web for coupons, say, or offer cash-back incentives for transaction data [AdExchanger has more on that]. It’s also why Amazon always links back to its own site instead of including a receipt in the text of a confirmation email. More.

Facebook Says AI

Facebook’s F8 conference hasn’t really focused on ad targeting for good reason (see: the first blurb). However, the company did open up about its artificial intelligence agenda, showing some applications around computer vision and natural language understanding. Facebook is going the route of Salesforce and IBM, developing AI tools for developers to use, rather than other enterprise tech companies, which embed AI into their own applications. Among Facebook’s many AI-related announcements is that in June, it will release the ResNext3D model – basically a deep learning model designed to understand what’s happening in video. Could that pave the way for contextual video ad targeting? Read more.

GDPR Looms

GDPR is coming and with it, publishers are going to be way more discerning about which vendors they work with, writes Seb Joseph of Digiday. GiveMeSport last year reduced its vendor list from 23 to five. “We didn’t have any idea who 92 percent [of those businesses] were,” said GiveMeSport GM Ryan Skeggs. Meanwhile, many fear Google will use GDPR to wrest control of data from publishers, which is why pubs like Schibsted and Axel Springer are rallying behind the IAB Europe and Tech Lab’s Consent Framework. Read on. And check out AdExchanger’s reporting on this topic here and here.

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