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  Friday, May 4

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Everyone Wants To Be A CDP. Here's Who's Actually Doing It.
Even though CDPs are an emerging technology category unto themselves, they share a few common attributes, including the ability to collect, store and normalize large volumes of data while creating a persistent identifier that spans across data sets. More.

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Podcast: Brian Wieser’s Word To The Wise
In this episode, Brian Wieser talks about the analyst life and his views on an assortment of companies. He drills down on Facebook, where his analysis often deviates from that of his peers. More.

Google’s GDPR Consent Tool Will Limit Publishers To 12 Ad Tech Vendors
Google disclosed how it will help publishers obtain tracking consent from users during a call last week with the IAB Europe GDPR Transparency and Consent steering committee, and its approach could spell trouble for media and ad tech companies. More.

Meredith’s NewFront: It’s Time To Focus On The Data
The women-focused media company, which generates around 9 billion video views annually, is in the process of integrating its intent data assets with the data and tech it’s bringing on board through Time Inc., including people-based ad platform Viant. More.

GroupM State Of Digital: CPMs Rise, The Duopoly Reigns And Ecommerce Soars
GroupM’s State of Digital report predicts a year of CPM inflation and ecommerce growth as the duopoly maintains its stronghold over the digital economy. More.

Data-Driven Thinking...Be Selfish With Your Data
A kindergarten teacher with a classroom of children sharing Tonka trucks and Barbie dolls is far different from the real world, where data is a major component of our daily lives. Data is no toy. More.

On TV & Video...Advertisers And Media Companies: It’s Time To Embed Identifiers In Your Video Assets
There are standard asset identifiers for both ads and entertainment content via Ad-ID and entertainment identifier registry (EIDR), but until recently, there was no open and persistent method for binding these identifiers into video assets. That is closer than ever to changing. More.

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News Round Up


If legitimate interest is disallowed as a provision for targeted advertising by the EU’s ePrivacy law, which expands on GDPR regulations, it could cause a 70% reduction in display ad revenue in Europe and a 33% cut in digital ad budgets, according to a report from Citi. The change could “eviscerate Facebook and Google, at least under their current business model,” writes Axios’ Steve LeVine. The final law may be watered down by industry lobbyists, “but if this does not happen it could have a devastating impact on the online advertising industry and future innovation as consent becomes the be all and end all," the report says. More.


Instagram is testing a payments feature allowing some users to shop or make payments directly on the platform with a select group of partners. So far, restaurant reservation app Resy has integrated native payments on Instagram, TechCrunch reports, but the photo platform is also putting in place ways to buy things like movie tickets and apparel. Removing the friction of having to link users out of the app to make a purchase could bring more advertisers to the platform, and also opens a wealth of commerce and consumer data where Facebook has trailed Google and, especially, Amazon. Snapchat also just launched a native payments and Snap to Store measurement feature in February, so Instagram had to have one too. More.  

When Less Is More

The prevailing wisdom is venture capital and private funding for digital media startups have dried up since the heady rounds of early trendsetters like BuzzFeed, Vice, Mashable and Refinery29. But that isn’t quite true. Axios raised $20 million in November, while just last month theSkimm and the Athletic, a subscription sports news site, raised $12 million and $20 million respectively. The Outline, a news and culture media company, just closed a $5.2 million round where the publisher deliberately took less money than was on the table, reports The Wall Street Journal. “One of the reasons why we didn’t raise $25 million, or get as much money as possible, is we really want to create a sane business that’s scalable,” says Joshua Topolsky, founder and CEO and former of editor of Bloomberg. More.

Audio Bullion

Pandora reported Q1 earnings, with revenue up 12% year-over-year to $319 million. Advertising contributed $215 million and subscriptions brought $105 million. MAUs, however, were down 4% to 72 million, showing the company still has work to do to grow its audience. AdsWizz, the digital audio ad tech company Pandora acquired in March [AdExchanger coverage] will not only bolster Pandora’s own ad tech capabilities, but build a marketplace that will grow the entire digital audio ecosystem, CEO Roger Lynch told investors on the call. Lynch isn’t concerned about competitors leaving AdsWizz under its Pandora ownership. “I think there’s benefit in those publishers staying because AdsWizz has the largest platform, and as we start to put our inventory in, they have by far the largest amount of digital audio inventory to monetize,” he said. “When you’re creating a marketplace, buyers will want to be where the inventory is and Adswizz will have that inventory.” Read the release.

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