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  Wednesday, May 23

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Shopper Marketing Undergoes A Digital Evolution
A brand shopper marketer assigned to, say, Kroger or Target could spend on that respective retailer’s platform and feel confident the target audience will end up shopping at that chain and not with some other grocer where he or she doesn’t get credit. More.

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What Was And Wasn’t Said When Zuckerberg Testified In Brussels
Zuckerberg trotted out familiar talking points and was sheltered from the intensity and awkward eye contact of real interrogation by a strange format, in which members of the EU Parliament asked questions for nearly an hour and Zuckerberg spent about 20 minutes cherry-picking which he wanted to answer. More.

Google Plans To Join The IAB Europe GDPR Framework, But The Devil Is In The Details
Google said it will join once it has resolved technical and policy details so parts of its ad tech can operate with the framework. More.

IAB: Agencies Fall Into Specialist Roles As More Brands Bring Programmatic In-House
“It has to do with [agencies’] ability to optimize quickly,” the IAB's Orchid Richardson said. “It’s several layers of people to get through to make those adjustments. When there’s a chain of command, the sheer time it takes has a negative impact on ROI.” More.

Data-Driven Thinking...For Better Targeting, Look For Clues In The Human Mind
Storytelling is effective regardless of the medium you choose for your campaign, but it is especially impactful in video where sight, sound and motion come together to build an even richer experience. More.

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News Round Up

CTV Scrapper

Roku has maintained a leading position in the streaming device market in spite of heated competition from Google’s Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, according to eMarketer data. And that’s despite Roku’s shift from pure hardware sales to a business model fueled primarily by advertising dollars, a maneuver many companies fail to execute. By 2020, Roku is projected to earn more ad revenue than Hulu and IAC, the video and web publishing company. And Roku is leaning into media with the Roku Channel, a network of syndicated content the company licenses and advertises against, which is the third most-watched, ad-supported channel for the OTT platform, Axios reports. More.

Feathering The Nest

Twitter wants to make money off-platform, so it’s launching an ad network pilot for Twitter Timeline Ads, similar to Google Display Network and Facebook Audience Network, Lauren Johnson reports for Business Insider. The program would let Twitter serve ads to publisher pages and expand its programmatic capabilities beyond the MoPub exchange. It’s launching the ad network at an opportune time, as publishers are fed up with Facebook’s constant algorithm changes and are wary of its bad press. "You already enjoy the power of real-time Tweets on your webpage through embedded Timelines,” according to Twitter’s Timeline Ads announcement. “Now, let it generate revenue for your site." More.

At Your Self-Service

Conversant launched a self-serve version of its platform called Mesobase that uses the company’s ID graph to roll up non-PII data for identity resolution and measurement. The self-serve aspect gives marketers more transparency and control over audience modeling and attribution. Mesobase is also decoupled from Conversant’s media business, so customers don’t have to buy through Conversant to use the tool. “Clients want access to that data and that full transparency because they’re seeing walls go up all around the ecosystem,” Conversant product management VP David Scrim tells AdExchanger. “They’re getting more sophisticated and comfortable with it.” Read the release.

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