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  Thursday, May 24

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Three Challenges Accenture Interactive Will Face As It Pushes Into Programmatic
“We’ve been providing programmatic services to our clients for some time,” said Scott Tieman, global head of programmatic services for Accenture Interactive. “Many of those are consulting or in-housing. Many of them we’re executing the buy. And many just need help with the technology.” More.

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As GDPR Looms, What Are The Biggest Uncertainties?
AdExchanger turned to ad industry execs from agencies, publishers and vendors with a simple query: What is the one question about GDPR that you'd still like answered? More.

Mobile Header Bidding Is On The Rise, And In-App Waits In The Wings
The number of mobile impressions transacted through unified auction technology increased more than 110% year over year in the first quarter of 2018, according to PubMatic’s quarterly mobile index. More.

Data-Driven Thinking...Virtual Influencers: Great Potential And Many Legal Unknowns
Theoretically, virtual influencers could offer many benefits to brands and agencies...Brands can create their ideal influencer – one that connects directly with their desired demographic and acts within the bounds of the brand’s legal guidelines. More.

The Sell Sider...Don’t Drown In Your Data Lake
Publishers need to be careful, not just because everyone with a data lake today needs to ensure they have a license to fish from it and also invite others to, but because it can be overwhelmingly costly if they’re not ready for the process. More.

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News Round Up


The long-term agency-client relationship is fading into the past, as major clients like HSBC, Campbell’s and Ford give up decades-long relationships for a fresher approach. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Jim Farley, Ford Motor Co.’s president of global markets, said the company ended its 75-year relationship with WPP in part because “creative development and placement of the ads for digital can be done by machines and software.” Ford will do more work internally and work closely with partners like Google and Facebook to reduce agency fees and operate in a more nimble way. “The digital piece that people engage with today is an online video that grabs your attention in two seconds,” he added. “And who knows those kinds of skills? It’s not the traditional people who design 30-second TV ads or one-page print ads.” More.

Nowhere To Turn

TV may be losing eyeballs, but it’s not losing dollars. According to a UBS survey of 40 major advertisers, “Demand for high-quality TV inventory has never been higher." While the number of TV ads sold is expected to be flat this year, networks are raising prices as quality issues in digital scare off some marketers, Mike Shields reports for Business Insider. In a separate Business Insider interview, JPMorgan CMO Kristin Lemkau said her company plans to shift more budget back to TV this year. “Digital can be the Wild West and it's not for the faint of heart, and the metrics are funky and there is fraud and viewability and brand safety, all of these other nightmarish things that we know," she said. But expect the trend to be short-lived. "Eventually advertisers cannot keep paying more and getting less, but for now there is no better alternative for the majority of TV budgets," the report said. More.

Travel Plans

Amazon is well positioned to disrupt the travel category, according to research published this week by the travel trade Skift. The ecommerce leader has three potential entry points for travel marketing dollars: (1) It has the search capabilities to launch its own online travel booking and metadata service, (2) it could roll out direct-sold travel ads within its existing paid media offering, and (3) it has already added hotels with Alexa-enabled devices. Investors and analysts have obsessed over a potential Amazon travel agency, a huge cash cow for the likes of Google and Priceline. But Skift speculates an Amazon travel play could give leverage to travel brands rather than pressure them. “Could Amazon provide the travel industry with much-needed leverage against the Google and Facebook Duopoly?” Maybe. More.

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