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  Wednesday, May 30

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Integral Ad Science CEO Puts Chips On IPO
“If we were swallowed up by another company, it’s harder to execute,” Knoll said. “You don’t own your own road map. It would be a shame for us to do that.” More.

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The GDPR Effect Will Reverberate Way Beyond Europe
GDPR, helped along by Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, has created a climate in which data tracking and collection are daily mainstream news items, even beyond EU borders. More.

Dentsu Aegis Network Taps Index Exchange To Power M1
M1 typically targets precise audiences. The Index Exchange wrapper will find more of those needles in the haystack. More.

Data-Driven Thinking...What Does The Future Of The Marketing Clouds Hold?
The “Big 3” are racing to build even bigger and better clouds, and they’ll continue to acquire pieces to enhance the five core competencies. We’ve also seen material entrants from large private equity firms getting into the game, and they will be joined by other very large and acquisitive software companies, so the fun is just beginning here. More.

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News Round Up

Find Your Audience

Some publishers, still reeling from Facebook’s news feed algorithm change, are migrating to YouTube. Hearst, for example, is focusing more efforts on long-form episodic content from flagship magazines like Seventeen, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Cosmopolitan, Business Insider’s Tanya Dua reports. Hearst is creating the content specifically for YouTube first and then distributing it to other platforms. It’s also measuring new KPIs like watch time and repeat views rather than short-term metrics associated with Facebook, such as likes and shares. The strategy has boosted Hearst’s YouTube subscriber base exponentially. Seventeen, for example, grew its subscribers by 3,000%. But on YouTube, Hearst still runs the risk of a major ad platform messing with its distribution strategy. More.

Google 1, GDPR 0

Google is already benefiting from the GDPR scramble in Europe. The platform giant captured a larger share of programmatic spend in the region on the day GDPR went into effect than it did in the lead-up to the law. According to AppNexus, EU advertisers sent more than half of their DBM budgets to Google, but that number shot up to 95% on May 25, Bloomberg reports. Earlier last week, Google warned advertisers to expect a drop in demand as it ensures compliance for all of its third-party providers. "Google has a ton of leverage,” said AppNexus CEO Brian O’Kelley. “They’ve been kind of ridiculous about how they approached it." More.

Playing In Traffic

“Traditionally … people accessing sites via mobile has mostly meant people arriving from social media,” writes Christine Schmidt at Nieman Lab. But Facebook’s algorithm change limiting news stories late last year threw a wrench in that trend. As a result, search is once again the leader in referrals. A year ago Google Search ranked below Facebook for direct publisher site visits, according to Chartbeat data. Now it’s the No. 1 traffic driver. Additionally, site traffic from Google Chrome’s recommendation links and direct site visits are both up, an important silver lining for publishers concerned Facebook users had no loyalty. More.

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