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  Thursday, May 31

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Can Martin Sorrell’s New Venture, S4, Succeed In A Changed Marketing Landscape?
Rather than starting with traditional creative assets and then building data and technology, as WPP did, S4 should start with a robust central data and technology platform and develop creative capabilities around it to avoid silos and redundancies, Forrester analyst Jay Pattisal said. More.

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Verve Snaps Up Receptiv To Take A Bite Out Of The In-App Video Market
Verve’s stable of publishers is composed of location-friendly apps, such as weather, entertainment, sports and local news, while Receptiv’s SDK is primarily nested within games and utility apps. More.

Paul Dolan Joins Varick As First-Ever CEO To Lead Shift In Business Model
Unlike other agency trading desks, which have repositioned as programmatic centers of excellence for holding companies and embedded their talent at network agencies, Varick’s work isn’t predominately with other MDC-owned agencies. More than 80% of its clients are small- and mid-market agencies and direct-to-consumer digital brands outside of MDC’s network, Dolan said. More.

Google Launches Programmatic Audio Ads In DoubleClick Bid Manager
DBM’s programmatic audio solution is integrated with supply from Google Play Music, Spotify SoundCloud and podcast publisher TuneIn. Google also is integrating Pandora, DBM's Payam Shodjai said. The platform won’t have access to YouTube inventory or any relationship with the recently launched subscription service YouTube Music. More.

Data-Driven Thinking...Once Feared Obsolete, Physical Retail Stores Are Key To Omnichannel Revenue
Instead of trying to beat Amazon and others at the ecommerce game, legacy retail outlets must evolve into smart stores. To do this they must combine location, data and human interaction with community, technology and automation to create the kind of personalized shopping experience that ecommerce cannot comparably replicate. More.

The Sell Sider...Could GDPR Create A Server-To-Server Golden Age?
GDPR provides the perfect incentive for the industry to address [ID syncing], not only to improve header bidding but also to mount a significant challenge to the industry giants. More.

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News Round Up

Follow The Trends

Mary Meeker delivered her famous “Internet Trends” deck (this one clocking at 294 slides) at Recode’s Code conference Wednesday. Smartphone adoption and internet user growth are slowing, but time spent online continues to rise. US adults spend on average 5.9 hours online per day, up from 5.6 hours in 2017. More than half of that time was on a phone. Ecommerce sales grew 16% in the US last year, with Amazon taking 28% of overall sales. Meanwhile, tech companies, which are becoming a larger overall share of US businesses, are caught in a “privacy paradox” between using data for superior products and protecting consumer privacy. Competition is heating up in China, now home to 20 of the world’s largest internet companies by market cap, while the US has 11. Recode has more.

Long Game

The success of Fortnite is demonstrating that a hit game can be more lucrative than a blockbuster movie release. Like other multiplayer games, Fortnite has a freemium model where players pay to unlock skills or levels, supplemented with options to buy non-competitive features like in-game costumes or dance moves. Sounds like small potatoes, but Fortnite has a $3 billion run rate right now, and that’s before its Android launch next month and a move into the Chinese market, reports The Gaming Economy. More. It’s a high-stakes industry, and that’s why ad budgets for game-install campaigns remain stratospheric.

Friends On The Block

MediaMath’s strategic business development team and MathCapital, a tech venture fund backed by ad tech vets Eric Franchi and MediaMath CEO Joe Zawadski, made their first early-stage investment in Underscore CLT, a blockchain-based mar tech startup. Isaac Lidsky, who co-founded the DMP [x+1] with Zawadski in 1999, is president of Underscore. “We’ve seen many cycles of adtech innovation through the years. We want to do better than has been done in the past by doing this together,” Zawadski writes in the release. Read on.

Sharing Is Caring

Axel Springer open-sourced its own consent management platform, what it calls an “opt-in layer,” so other pubs can effectively gather consent and integrate with IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework, reports Digiday. Axel Springer has no plans to monetize the service, but it does hope to curtail adoption of Google’s consent management tool. Google folks “know what they are doing and are experts in software,” says Stephanie Caspar, Axel Springer’s president of data and technology. “But ... there is someone else between you and the consumer, which is always a bad thing as a publisher.” More. Related in AdExchanger: Google ticked off some publishers with its default consent tool.  

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