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 Today from AdExchanger
  Thursday, June 7
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Today's Must Read

Heads Up, Fake Apps: Ads.txt Is Coming For You
The most glaring difference between apps and web browsers from an Ads.txt perspective is that apps don’t have a handy web domain where publishers can easily list their seller files, said Dennis Buchheim, SVP and general manager of the IAB Tech Lab. More.

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IAS Acquisition Highlights Growing Competition Among Ad Verification Vendors
Clients once used Moat for viewability, IAS, DoubleVerify or WhiteOps to find invalid traffic and IAS or DoubleVerify for contextual brand safety. But now, all these vendors recognize the opportunity to earn a brand’s complete business. More.

In-App Header Bidding Is Hot. Next Up: Facebook
Starting Wednesday, publishers can include Audience Network inventory in their in-app unified auctions. All formats will be available, including display, native and video. More.

Data-Driven Thinking...Performance Pricing Pitfalls: The Truth About Offline-Visit Data For Advertisers
Do agencies and advertisers really know what they are getting themselves into when it comes to these metrics? There are challenges to using offline visits from mobile location data to determine media pricing – the dangers are clear and present, and they can change campaign outcomes. More.

PwC: TV Networks Evolve As Buyers And Viewers Demand A More Digital Experience
“Digital has become the business now,” said Chris Vollmer, global advisory leader for entertainment and media at PwC. “Marketers are recognizing that they’re still underspending in digital relative to where media consumption is occurring, and they’re shifting more spend.” More.

The Sell Sider...Navigating Facebook's Pivot Away From News
Zuckerberg is after “happiness and health.” Unless we are The Onion or WebMD, news will not always be a neat fit with an algorithm that prioritizes entertainment and well-being. In the news business, our goals can’t always align with Zuckerberg’s. More.

News Round Up

Live For The Moment

Facebook’s latest TV gambit is paying up for live news. The platform announced a list of news programs for its video hub Watch with talent like Shep Smith of Fox News and CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Facebook will pay publishers to produce the shows and allow them to sell mid-roll ads, a model it’s used in the past to get early media traction on products. But Facebook won’t subsidize shows forever, and programs will drop off without audiences large enough for sustainable advertising. “So far, we haven’t seen evidence that this is possible on Facebook, which isn’t yet a proven video destination in the way that YouTube or Netflix are,” writes Recode’s Kurt Wagner. More.

Playing Favorites

Apple News may have a human bias problem. Its editors tend to favor a small group of large news outlets over regional publishers in the US and UK, according to an analysis by the Tow Center. Publishers have warmed to Apple as they lost reach on Facebook. Apple has an uncommon curation process where publishers pitch news items directly to Apple News editors, giving those relationships outsize value. The New York Times appeared in 60% of all US newsletter recommendations from Apple News, while other outlets, including large rivals like the LA Times, represented just 4% of recommendations. On the other hand, Apple’s curation and preference for trusted news is a part of its pitch compared to apps with pay-to-play or free-for-all models that have been swamped with garbage news. Columbia Journalism Review has more.

Defy Payment

The shutdown of Defy Media’s programmatic practice has left publishers grumbling about unpaid bills. Defy Media itself isn’t dead – it still has its core content creation business, writes George Slefo of Ad Age. What irritates publisher partners like Ali Aydar, CEO of Sporcle, is the belief that Defy Media isn’t settling the debts it needs to settle: "Usually, this results from companies going bankrupt,” Aydar said. “In this case, we're not talking about a bankruptcy. They are literally using publishers' earnings for their own purposes." According to Ad Age sources, Defy Media owes pubs “between several hundred dollars and $40,000.” More.

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