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 Today from AdExchanger
  Friday, June 8
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Today's Must Read

Data-Driven Thinking...Acxiom’s Next Steps And The LiveRamp Acquisition Four Years Later
Acxiom could finalize the sale of its legacy assets at just the same time that it becomes apparent that companies like LiveRamp will benefit from GDPR. That could significantly increase the price of LiveRamp stock and make options 2 and 3 below more likely. More.

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More from AdExchanger

Podcast: Solving For ‘Who Got Paid What’
"We’re interested in the supply-chain provenance and the smart contracting features of the blockchain," Amino Payments CEO Will Luttrell says in the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks. More.

Google Reverses Course On GDPR Consent Tool Limiting Publishers To 12 Vendor Partners
“The change being made now is in line with our priority of this being a flexible framework for publishers,” said Vegard Johnsen, Google product manager for GDPR and sustainable advertising. More.

Ericsson’s Mobile Ad Platform Taps Telcos To Validate Location Data
Marketers are shelling out for bad targeting and it’s akin to flushing their budgets down the toilet, said Paul Cheng, GM at Ericsson Emodo, which helps carriers aggregate and monetize their subscriber data. More.

Havas Data Chief Nate Woodman Pushes Measurement To The Fore
"In the past, the work I did was very media- and digital-driven. Now, Havas is much more about bringing together media, creative and content to understand a complete picture," said Nate Woodman, Havas Media's Chief Data Officer. More.

Constellation Research: AI Piques Marketers’ Interest, But Overall Adoption Is Slow
It’s much easier for marketers and sales teams to adopt AI because of the breadth of plug-and-play options in the market, said Courtney Sato, director of research development at Constellation and co-author of the report. More.

On TV & Video...China Must Rebalance Its Video-On-Demand Ad Load To Reach Full Potential
As China’s new digital video services choose ad funding over a subscription model, they risk stuffing their content with enough ads to drown the world’s most exciting new audience. More.

News Round Up

The House Always Wins

As YouTube keeps dialing up brand safety protections, creators in marginal or disreputable categories are feeling the brunt. A relatively small but active group of creators who stream from inside casinos (because people like to watch others gambling) have found their accounts suddenly suspended or “demonetized” (blocked from carrying ads) as they were suddenly deemed to fall on the wrong side of YouTube’s inscrutable creator policies. The casinos don’t mind the gambling vloggers indeed, some pay for the exposure but it’s the kind of content many top brands don’t want to end up next to, reports The Atlantic. Creators such as these have few options when YouTube pulls the plug. “You spend so many years to build it up and they can just erase it with one button,” says Swedish gambling YouTuber Kim Hultman. More.

In This Context

What’s old is new again as GDPR ushers in a new boom of contextual advertising. Publisher sources tell Digiday that some large agencies have suspended audience-based campaigns until there’s more certainty around how the GDPR will be enforced. Others have increased the amount of contextual buying they do alongside audience-based buys as a way to supplement lost reach. “We want to work with all the publishers that are important to us, and have gained the consent necessary for us to continue working with behavioral and audience data,”said Robin O’Neill, managing director of digital trading at GroupM. More.

State Of Disrepair

Google stopped running local and state election ads or ads supporting ballot measures in Washington state on Thursday. It’s the first time Google has fully suspended political spending in a state, GeekWire reports. Washington’s attorney general filed a suit against Google and Facebook this week for allegedly failing to meet the state’s political ad disclosure law. Rules would require the online platforms to provide the “approximate description of the geographic locations and audiences targeted, and total number of impressions generated by the advertisement or communication” for all political buys. More.

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