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  Monday, June 11
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PROGRAMMATIC I/O New York, October 15-16 - Day 1, 3:55pm, Programmatic Essentials Buy-Side: "Better Header Bidding Through AI" - Ash Dhupar from Publishers Clearing House details how publishers can take control of their ad stacks with AI-based algorithms. See more.

Today's Must Read

How The California Consumer Privacy Act Stacks Up Against GDPR
The advertising trade orgs are particularly miffed by a section of the California initiative that would allow private consumers to seek redress for “injury in fact,” meaning they wouldn’t have to prove harm, economic or otherwise, before bringing a suit, which could open the door to class-action lawsuits, Jaffe said. More.

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Flare Audio: Where The Direct-To-Consumer Company Spends Its Marketing Dollars (Besides Facebook)
“Our company wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for digital marketing,” said founder and CEO Davies Roberts. “When you have disruptive technology, you are under attack. Now you can socially prove your technology and get past that seed stage quickly.” More.

The Sell Sider...My Not-So-Easy, Must-Do List For Publishers
It’s easy to get caught up thinking this laundry list of concerns will hold us back or is a burden to publishers, but solutions are necessary for both short-term and long-term success. The reality is that there is a ton of work to do if we are to continue being successful. More.

Data-Driven Thinking...What It Takes To Close The Gap Between Strategy And Planning
The upfront work of developing the right strategy and breaking down the silos in groups responsible for planning will help brands avoid turning to tactics that introduce complexity and offer little in the way of return on investment. More.

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News Round Up


Cannes Lions kicks off next week, but without the hometown hero. Last year, the French holding company Publicis Groupe said it would forgo Cannes and other award shows in 2018 and reinvest savings in an AI platform. In a press release on Monday, Publicis clarified its position and shared details about its pared-down involvement, which involves some judge roles and client events. Its initial pullback sparked an industry conversation about the relative value of events like Cannes, especially as holding companies go through a period of painful belt-tightening. Meanwhile, deep-pocketed consulting firms may use the agency pullback to get a foot in the door. Accenture Interactive is doubling its investment in the show, while IBM iX and Deloitte Digital are increasing sponsorships and their involvement with the awards, Digiday reports. “We had no discussions on whether we should even be there,” said Anatoly Roytman, Accenture Interactive’s managing director. More.

A Done Deal?

Tens of billions of dollars in potential M&A deals will hang in the balance Tuesday when the Washington, DC, District Court rules on the Department of Justice’s antitrust suit to block the $87 billion merger of AT&T and Time Warner. The general feeling among industry and antitrust analysts is that the AT&T deal is likely to go through, very possibly under preconditions guaranteeing rival cable operators equal access to Time Warner content, The New York Times reports. Comcast faced such a requirement when it bought NBCUniversal (a case presided over by the same judge). “Media and telecom companies will also look for any signs that the judge agrees with AT&T and Time Warner’s assertion that Silicon Valley is a competitive threat and should also be defined as part of the media ecosystem,” since competition with online players like Netflix, Google and Amazon makes TV and Hollywood deals seem more competitive than anticompetitive. More.

Sorrell Investigation

WPP’s board investigated whether ousted CEO Martin Sorrell had spent company money on a prostitute, The Wall Street Journal reported late Saturday, citing people with knowledge of the investigation. Details of the investigation, which led to Sorrell’s departure from the company he built, remain undisclosed. Early in the investigation, Sorrell denied the allegations “unreservedly.” In a statement released Friday, WPP said, “The Company has not disclosed details of the allegation of personal misconduct against Sir Martin Sorrell because it is prohibited by data protection law from giving such details.” More.

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