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 Today from AdExchanger
  Monday, June 18
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PROGRAMMATIC I/O New York, October 15-16 - Day 1, 10am: "Streamlining The Ad Tech Stack, For OTT And Beyond" - Amit Chaturvedi presents on Turner’s journey in architecting sustainable revenue operations for its house of premium digital content brands. See more.

Today's Must Read

Cannes 2018: The Media Agency Ground Game
While Publicis Groupe is implementing the largest pullback, sending just 84 delegates and judges and only entering for awards funded by clients, other holding companies and media agencies are changing their strategies on the ground, too. More.

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Podcast: How Bayer Cures Programmatic Headaches
“Literally I’m in a sales meeting every morning talking about where the channel mix is going,” Bayer VP Josh Palau says. Being on the inside also means dealing with factors that are invisible to agency partners, like IT constraints and internal politics. “It helped open up my mind about all the things that happen.” More.

CEO Stephenson: AT&T Will Acquire More Companies 'In The Coming Weeks' To Support Ad Unit
After name-checking Brian Lesser, the former GroupM honcho who now heads up Advertising and Analytics, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said: “You should expect some smaller – not like Time Warner, but smaller – M&A in the coming weeks to demonstrate our commitment to that.” More.

Data-Driven Thinking...Today’s Ad Verification Providers May Fail Us In The Long Term
The ever-increasing lack of trust in the digital advertising world has made the demand for trust brokers so great that the pursuit of trust has become prohibitively expensive for many companies. At times, the costs even outweigh the benefits. More.

The Sell Sider...A Media Brand’s Audience And Data Strategy: A Bridge Between Current Assets, Future Goals
With results from audits’ fact-finding processes in hand, media brands can move on to define their commercial and marketing goals and create audience portfolios. More.

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News Round Up


With DirecTV, AT&T has had two minutes of ad space per hour to sell as its own inventory. Time Warner’s Turner cable channels, which include CNN, TNT and TBS, will give AT&T around 14 more minutes per hour, reports The Wall Street Journal. AT&T can fuel growth by adding that cable TV inventory to its addressable ad platform – its targeted media sells at a CPM that’s five to six times higher than a typical national cable spot. “We understand that there’s going to be risk associated with that, but the size of the prize is pretty significant accompanied with the resources of AT&T combined with Time Warner,” said John Stankey, the AT&T exec who will lead Time Warner, referring during the DOJ trial last month to a potential automated ad marketplace.

Bot Busting

AppNexus announced a deal with White Ops to scan every ad either bought or sold through its exchange for bots. Read the release. The DSP has been on a mission to stamp out bad traffic for years. [Dive into the AdExchanger vault to read about some of the company’s earliest efforts.] AppNexus CEO Brian O’Kelley was attracted to White Ops because of its singular focus on detecting non-human traffic, unlike other third-party ad tech and verification vendors, whose services extend to brand safety and viewability. Industry initiatives like ads.txt have made strides against certain kinds of fraud, like spoofed URLs or unknown supply chain vendors, but picking ad fraud’s low-hanging fruit may bring attention to more sophisticated, better-hidden efforts. Business Insider has more.


If you want a chance at the lion’s share of attention at Cannes, you’ve got to go big or go home. Snapchat made a splash at Cannes Lions festival last year following its IPO with billboards and a branded ferris wheel, while Google and Facebook stake out prominent beach real estate to host meetings and entertain clients. On the upswing at last, Twitter is making itself visible at the festival with billboards at the Nice airport and throughout the city, Garett Sloane reports for Ad Age. The outdoor ads are tied to the World Cup, which was a major revenue driver for Twitter during the 2014 Brazil games. Twitter isn’t new to OOH. The social media platform won a Cannes Grand Prix award last year for a 2016 out-of-home campaign touting its role in breaking news and cultural moments.

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PROGRAMMATIC I/O, New York, October 15-16, 2018
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