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 Today from AdExchanger
  Wednesday, June 20

Today's Must Read

Facebook Messenger Comes To Cannes To Make Its Pitch
Messenger is trying to position itself to address a common demand from clients, and one that hasn’t been as much of a selling point for Facebook: the quest for lifetime value. More.

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Data-Driven Thinking...Increased Consumer Expectations For Privacy Could Be A Good Thing For Advertisers
Instead of relying on AI-driven lookalike segments, brands can rely more on data from their own loyal customers giving information in exchange for something they value – all managed in environments they directly control. More.

Four Reasons Why Agencies Are Working With Fewer DSPs
"It’s not efficient to run programmatic across 30 different platforms," Matt Greitzer, co-COO at Amnet said. "It’s much more efficient to have a team that can be an expert in three or four." More.

Ad ID Consortium Joins Forces With DigiTrust
For the Ad ID group, one motive in tying up with DigiTrust is to create an independent third option for ad platforms that didn’t want to standardize on a vendor-owned domain. More.

Schibsted Boosts Revenue By Making Its Ad Server Smarter
A pacing algorithm solved for programmatic demand that fluctuates throughout the day. Normally, an ad server errs on the side of caution and delivers direct campaigns even when programmatic buyers would pay more for the same impression. More.

AB InBev Gets Its Buzz On With A Blockchain-Enabled Mobile Campaign
“There are a lot of companies out there trying to capitalize on the blockchain trend,” AB InBev's Andy Chang said. “I can’t speak for them, but in the world of advertising, blockchain has real value for transparency and accountability.” More.

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News Round Up

Hello, Google Podcasts

Google launched on Tuesday a standalone podcast app for Android phones. Having a native Android app could double the amount of podcast listeners worldwide, according to the company. The Google Podcasts app integrates with Google Assistant so podcasts can be launched with voice commands and work seamlessly across home and mobile devices. Google’s personalization also allows it to curate the app based on preference or highlight creators from underrepresented geographies and demographics, reports The Verge. Eventually Google will add closed captioning to podcasts using AI, making it easier to scan through a podcast or avoid rewinding for a missed word. Read more.

As Much As Traffic Will Bear

The California Department of Transportation wants to test the potential revenue – balanced against traffic safety issues and public pushback – of running ads on state-operated electronic message boards located along freeways, reports The Los Angeles Times. The test is expected to generate $10.2 million over four years, and if successful “could lead to ads for commercial products on many of the 904 state-operated message signs that currently are limited to flashing traffic information, road hazard warnings and Amber alerts on abducted children,” the Times reports. There’s already pushback beyond just aesthetics: More ads mean distracted drivers, while studies show drivers dismiss official traffic signs with ads. More.

Roku Channel Surfing

Roku could launch a subscription video marketplace that rivals Amazon Channels in the next few months, Variety reports. The streaming player, which already gives customers access to certain OTT channels, including HBO Now and CBS All Access, will use its yet-to-be-named marketplace to streamline and display video content in one place instead of forcing users to jump from app to app. Other OTT companies like it because the strategy has proven effective at driving subscriptions, with Amazon Channels responsible for more than half of all online HBO signups. More.

Video Blitz

Facebook unveiled several updates on Tuesday to increase video ad inventory. Facebook is opening Watch, its video hub for episodic and news content, to any video, reports Digiday. Facebook also expanded its creative production toolkit and video distribution and monetization options for influencers who post on the platform. Read the blog post on that. And Facebook Messenger, with more than 1.3 billion monthly users, is adding autoplay video a year and a half after introducing display ads. “The company has said in the past that it’s running out of room for ads inside its flagship Facebook app, so we’ve seen Facebook expand ads into more places,” writes Kurt Wagner at Recode. More.

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