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 Today from AdExchanger
  Friday, June 22
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PROGRAMMATIC I/O New York, October 15-16 - Day 2, 2:30pm: "Targeting Ourselves Into Oblivion" - Andrew Shebbeare from Essence presents on how brands, publishers and the services layer should respond to pain points in the programmatic ecosystem. Learn more.

Today's Must Read

WPP’s Mark Read Is Serious About “Getting On With The Business”
Under Sorrell’s leadership, WPP tried to transform its mammoth organization into a less complex and siloed company. Now that incomplete task falls to Read and EMEA COO Andrew Scott, who are working to foster collaboration across WPP and make the company easier for clients to navigate – all while getting back to growth in a slow environment. More.

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Will Instagram’s IGTV Help Calm Brand Safety Anxieties?
Instagram’s IGTV app could be the antidote, or at least a brand-safe option for marketers to diversify their video spend. With IGTV’s “shows” lasting up to an hour, it seems like prime real estate for future advertisers – when the platform decides to monetize, of course. More.

Why CPGs Beating Up On Influencers Is Great For Influencer Marketing
Grands have to push influencer marketing to evolve away from abstract value and toward concrete ROI. This means shifting from an earned media mindset to a paid media model, Ahalogy's Bob Gilbreath said. More.

CafeMedia Sells Websites To Focus On AdThrive
“To succeed in programmatic, you need to navigate the complexity of monetization, you need quality [content] and you need scale,” CafeMedia CEO Michael Sanchez said. More.

Data-Driven Thinking...Ad Tech Abandoned The SMB Market
The obvious upside of the SMB market is that it is enormous. However, having millions of small businesses advertise on your DSP comes with important trade-offs to consider. More.

Roy Rogers Restaurants Taps New Marketing Chief To Beef Up On Digital
“We’ve got to remind people about Roy’s, but we’ll do that by being unique and offering items that motivate people to drive past other places,” senior marketing director Mark Jenkins said. “To do that, we need a more integrated strategy between what consumers are experiencing online and what they experience in the restaurant.” More.

Waldorf Astoria Launches First Digital-Led Branding Campaign
“While we have this authentic luxury heritage, we don’t take ourselves too seriously,” CMO Kellyn Kenny said. That’s why social media felt like the right place to demonstrate Waldorf Astoria’s focus on service – and to emphasize that the brand is modern and fun, not stuffy. More.

On TV & Video...VAST 4.1: Why Are Changes Needed?
VAST 4.0, introduced about two years ago, was meant to better accommodate OTT and mobile, but because it never addressed loose ends related to interactivity and verification, publishers largely didn’t adopt it. VAST 4.1, introduced last week, aims to finish what VAST 4.0 started. More.

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News Round Up

Restarting The Firefox

It’s been 10 years since Google released Chrome and rocketed ahead of Firefox in the web browser market. But Mozilla could regain ground with a recent Firefox upgrade laser-focused on privacy or, more accurately, the lack thereof. “You give up your privacy online, and what you get in return are somewhat convenient services and hyper-targeted ads,” writes Brian Chen at The New York Times. Although there are some privacy features Chrome can accommodate if a user installs a browser extension, Firefox comes with third-party tracker blockers baked in. It’s also got a Facebook “container” users can install that prevents the social platform from monitoring web activity. More.

Spend (And Tax) And Spend

South Dakota won a Supreme Court case on Thursday guaranteeing a state’s right to collect sales tax on online retailers for transactions. The decision overrules a 1992 precedent that forbids states from collecting sales taxes unless the online retailer maintains a physical presence in the state, reports The Wall Street Journal. Big retailers have pushed for internet sales tax laws for years. It makes a big difference when you’re competing for razor-thin price margins against untaxed ecommerce players. The ruling will prompt a surge of state and federal legislative efforts to set rules on taxes, like exemptions for small businesses. In other words, eBay may pay sales taxes wherever purchases occur, whereas small merchants selling on the platform wouldn’t have to deal with cross-state laws.

Think Global, Buy Local

Location-based targeting isn’t always on the digital media plan. B2B companies or certain service providers that open for business everywhere, for instance, often prefer not to restrict national campaigns by placing geotargeting parameters. “In marketing, it’s easy to fall victim to a fear of missing out,” Jacob Baadsgaard, founder and CEO of the agency Disruptive Marketing, writes for Search Engine Land. Baadsgaard suggests that national businesses consider location optimization for search and ecommerce ads. Suppliers of large or heavy products that are expensive to ship could find efficiencies by confining spend to an easy delivery range of manufacturing facilities. Even if a business isn’t limited by location, the profitability of its SEM campaigns are. And hey, if pricier audiences in Los Angeles don’t outperform targets in Calgary, Canada, there aren’t glamour points at stake.

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