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 Today from AdExchanger
  Wednesday, June 27

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AppNexus Is No Longer Independent: How Will Its Clients React?
Its Monday acquisition of AppNexus gives AT&T the infrastructure and relationships with content owners and buyers to operate that exchange at scale. But it remains to be seen if AppNexus clients will be spooked by its loss of independence and potential conflicts of interest under its new ownership. More.

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Travel Pub Fathom Uses Attribution Tech To Prove That Its Content Packs A Punch
Fathom, a site that publishes curated destination guides and first-person travel accounts, knew it was leaving money on the table, but forging direct relationships with hotels was far too cumbersome for an online-only publisher with a loyal readership – its newsletter has a circulation of 500,000 – but a tiny staff. More.

Tim Conley Named CEO of Extreme Reach
Transitioning into his new role has been “seamless,” Conley told AdExchanger, since he and the team have a long-standing working relationship. But not everything will remain status quo. More.

The Trade Desk’s New Product Suite Could Boost Emerging Programmatic Channels
Agencies want to connect their media planning and strategy teams with the people doing the actual media buys, said Brian Stempeck, The Trade Desk’s chief client officer. More.

IPG’s Michael Roth Remains Confident In Agencies, Despite ‘Doom And Gloom’
IPG, which outperformed its peer set in organic growth last quarter, is doubling down on its agency brands while making it easier for them to collaborate and share insights across clients. It’s a strategy many holding companies are taking as clients demand faster results. More.

Data-Driven Thinking...App Publishers Must Avoid The Audience Circulation Trap
The issue isn’t a lack of data available to marketers – it’s the opposite. There’s so much data out there that app marketers become overwhelmed and paralyzed, unsure how to use their insights and make the data actionable in a way that is transparent and fully consented from the beginning. More.

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News Round Up

An Otter Acquisition

Most people are still busy digesting news of AT&T’s $1.6 billion acquisition of AppNexus – but the telco already has another little deal up its sleeve. AT&T is in the process of securing full ownership of Otter Media, the streaming media company it started as a $500 million joint venture with The Chernin Group in 2014, reports Digiday. AT&T is also in discussions with TV programmers to bring their cable content onto Vrv, a subscription streaming video distribution platform owned by Otter. Vrv mostly focuses on video content in the sci-fi, gaming and anime categories, but it has the infrastructure and direct-to-consumer ties AT&T needs to build out a channel store like Apple and Roku. “They already have full bundles and skinny bundles, so what’s next?” said Peter Csathy, founder of digital consulting firm Creatv Media. “[To] offer individual subscriptions all conveniently accessed through one app and on one bill.” Digiday has more.

Viral Video Antidote?

Publishers are pivoting to a different kind of video. Outlets including Vox, BuzzFeed and The New York Times are putting more resources behind long-form and episodic content rather than short viral videos, Axios reports. Viral clips, ubiquitous on Facebook just a few years ago – remember the watermelon? – proved an unstable source of ad revenue because their popularity was beholden to Facebook’s ever-changing feed algorithms. It may not make sense to ditch short-form video altogether, but long-form content may be a more effective way to grow a dedicated audience and licensing fees. Just look at Netflix’s recent deal with Vox to develop a news and explainer series. Selling ads against a series or show is also easier “in part because potential partners really understand what a premium show or episode is as opposed to a viral video – there’s transparency around it," Shani Hilton, BuzzFeed’s VP of news programming, tells Axios. More.

Programmatic’s Unbrand Rebrand

Many of the longest-standing and best-known ad tech companies are fading away. It’s the end of an era for DoubleClick; Rocket Fuel was sunsetted by Sizmek and Amobee did the same with Turn. Collective rebranded to Visto in late 2017 and AppNexus will shed its name later this year after AT&T completes its acquisition, according to AdExchanger sources. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, perhaps, but for programmatic technology the rule is “whatever it takes to wash off this smell.”

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