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  Friday, July 6

Today's Must Read

How World Cup Advertising Is Undercut By GDPR And The US Team’s Absence
The 2018 World Cup has featured an exciting range of upsets and contenders, but some World Cup marketers see early signs of trouble thanks to GDPR throwing a wrench into digital advertising and the absence of the US team. GDPR, which became law less than a month before the soccer… More.

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3 Old-School Ad Tactics Facebook Uses To Gun For Engagement
Facebook’s scale – 1.45 billion daily active users at last count – has been its armor through a no-good, very bad year of repeated privacy failures, questions of Russian election interference and other controversies. But scale needs to be maintained. Although only a handful of advertisers pulled spend in the aftermath… More.

This ‘Oil’ Should Fuel Creative Campaigns, Too
“Data-Driven Thinking" is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by Lux Narayan, co-founder and CEO at Unmetric. Data is often likened to oil, but the similarities go deeper than you might think. The first oil… More.

Programmatic Guaranteed: A Chance To Rethink Publisher Growth
“The Sell Sider” is a column written for the sell side of the digital media community. Today’s column is written by Devlin Jefferson, vice president of product at Operative. Bauer Xcel recently gave publishers advice about working directly with brands that take programmatic in-house. Note that the advice was written… More.

Summer Of Our Missed Consent
Summer Of Our Missed Consent Google is causing consternation and potential GDPR violations by delaying its implementation of the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework, a collaborative model for publishers to gather consent and transmit that consent up the supply chain, Reuters reports. Google promised to fully integrate with the… More.

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News Round Up

Now Hiring

The overarching trend of brands in-housing marketing technology operations isn’t great for agencies and tech vendors. But one thing working in their favor is the challenge many brands now face securing top programmatic and data-driven talent. The pharmaceutical giant Bayer would like to more than double its 10-person programmatic and analytics team, but finding and convincing people with the right experience to move to the brand side requires patience and lots of cash, Digiday reports. The in-house agency group for The Wonderful Company, a brand holding company, had to remove its hiring efforts from the general HR and recruitment pipeline, since evaluating and attracting the right people requires specific, hands-on knowledge of digital media. And blue-chip brands like McDonald’s and GE have recently moved headquarters from suburban locations into nearby cities as a way to improve retention and hiring for young, data-savvy talent. More.

Fly On The Wall

Many connected TV owners don’t realize how much of their TV viewing is being processed and used for marketing. Samba TV, one of the bigger players in the new field of smart-TV viewership tracking, embeds its software with manufacturers including Sony, Sharp and Philips. It can then identify other devices, like smartphones or smart speakers, that share the TV’s internet service connection and retarget people who viewed certain shows or commercials on those other devices, Sapna Maheshwari reports for The New York Times. “If it sounds a lot like the internet – a company with little name recognition tracking your behavior, then slicing and dicing it to sell ads – that’s the point. But consumers do not typically expect the so-called idiot box to be a savant.” More.

Media Darlings

AT&T is obligated not to unfairly leverage Time Warner media in negotiations with rivals, but there are other advantages to be gained from cross-promoting content. For instance, NBCU’s broadcast of the 2016 Olympics featured heavily in Comcast ad campaigns that year and helped drive a 27% viewership increase in Comcast homes with smart TVs, the Los Angeles Times reports. AT&T stores already feature Time Warner-owned properties like HBO and the DC Comics Justice League. Disney has likewise lucratively funneled Pixar and Marvel productions through its distribution, marketing and merchandising machine. “I believe the days when you can just create premium content and be a wholesaler of that content, those are over,” AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson recently told investors. “I don't believe that's a sustainable business model.” More.

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