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 Today from AdExchanger
  Monday, July 9
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PROGRAMMATIC I/O New York, October 15-16 - Day 1, 2:50pm: "How To Spin Up A Media Property Quickly" - Kavata Mbondo will share the story of Getty Images' recently launched FOTO media brand and offer best practices for deploying supply-side technologies and integrating with demand partners. Learn more.

Today's Must Read

AdsWizz Aims To Make Programmatic Audio Easy To Buy
Pandora’s inventory won’t be available programmatically until later this year (there’s no official date yet). When it does, AdsWizz will become the largest programmatic audio exchange on the market. More.

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New Ladders CMO To Data-Driven Marketing: You’re Hired.
CMO Jordan Cohen plans to bring a performance mindset to Ladders, which, like other old-guard job sites, wants to reclaim market share from younger and nimbler players, such as ZipRecruiter and Indeed.com. More.

Post-GDPR, How Many Will Really Opt Out Of Personal Targeting?
Ultimately, we now live in an opt-in world, but the dust has yet to fully settle. When it does, the public’s love or hate of targeting may yet play a bigger role in ad tech’s future. More.

Getting In On The 2020 Election Campaigns: What Publishers Need To Know
The demand from both buyers and political advertisers to deal directly with media companies and publishers via premium programmatic is affecting the political programmatic intermediaries too. More.

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News Round Up

The Zuck Abides

Readers might be forgiven for thinking this has been a brutal year for Facebook, given the long string of scandals and investigations the company has faced. But in some important ways, Facebook is humming along as smoothly as ever, according to BTIG Research. “While regulators and the press have had a field day attacking Facebook’s behavior, we continue to believe consumers simply could not care less,” writes Richard Greenfield, managing director of the firm’s media and technology research. Facebook’s raw user growth may have tailed off, but it remains a must-have utility for internet-connected people around the world, and Instagram is taking off like a rocket, passing a billion users of its own and turning Instagram Stories into a product with twice the users Snapchat has. Facebook stock plummeted in March after CEO Mark Zuckerberg was forced to testify over electoral interference scandals in the US and England but fully recovered by May and is once again trading at an all-time high. More.

Trade War

The already strained relationship between WPP and S4 Capital, the new investment vehicle from Martin Sorrell, strained further last week as WPP lawyers contended Sorrell is in breach of confidentiality agreements. They say that by bidding for MediaMonks, which WPP also covets, he is levering information and relationships established during his tenure at WPP. Sorrell’s team says its bid comes via the London-based private equity firm Inflexion, reports Sky News. WPP says S4’s pursuit of MediaMonks would justify it withholding as much as $26 million in future payouts. More.

Content Metrics

Hearst and other publishers are developing specialized campaign metrics to prove the value of of branded content. Hearst prefers a metric it dubs engaged view rate that scores an audience based on the percent of readers who spent a minimum of 30 seconds and scrolled at least 75% of the way down the page, reports Digiday. Publishers have tried time-based campaign metrics, but the practice never gained much traction and news companies are still searching for scalable ways to differentiate. “The big challenge for media owners is, we need more editorial insight to apply against the content,” said Laura Wade, VP of content and innovation at GroupM programmatic agency Essence. More.

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