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AdExchanger Talks Episodes feature thoughtful interviews with key figures in advertising and people who are transforming data-driven digital advertising - and marketing as a whole.

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Episode 56: Michael Bologna Changes The Channel

Michael Bologna has been a key player in the unfolding story of advanced television since the beginning. In this episode, Bologna and AdExchanger executive editor, Zach Rodgers, discuss Bologna's journey from "emerging media" exec at GroupM to his newest startup venture, one2one Media.

Episode 55: The Rise Of Kids’ Media

Parents, media companies and brands are struggling to adapt to a sea change in how kids consume content. Children have migrated away from traditional entertainment channels like Nick Jr. in droves, embracing new platforms – mostly YouTube and mobile games.  In this episode of AdExchanger Talks, we hear from SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins, who has been focused on kids’ media for the long haul.

Episode 54: Adam Heimlich On The Next Horizon

The world's largest independent media agency didn't have a dedicated programmatic capability until 2013. Historically a big TV buyer, Horizon Media decided to build its own "desk" in a way that would distinguish it from holding companies: by focusing on transparent pricing of media and data.

Episode 53: PebblePost's Marita Scarfi Delivers… The Mail

In the mid-’90s, Marita Scarfi was working as an accountant but wanted in on nascent the internet economy. After a period of networking, she landed at digital agency Organic, where over the course of 17 years she rose from controller to CEO. After a stop at creative agency 72andSunny, she made the jump to marketing tech, joining PebblePost as CFO earlier this year.

Episode 52: The Private (Marketplace) Thoughts Of Chip Schenck

Chip Schenck, Meredith's VP of data and programmatic, wants to take care of his advertisers – specifically the brands that have been with the publisher of Allrecipes, Shape and Better Homes and Gardens for the long haul. Among Meredith's top clients over the last 100 years, he says in the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks, "97 of them are still going to be our clients [over the next 100]."

Episode 51: Back To The Roots With Digital Pioneer Mike Kelly

This week, Mike Kelly shares his experiences and describes where he sees innovation today in his role as an adviser and venture capitalist with Kelly Newman Ventures.

Episode 50: Rapping With RAPP

The basic structure of agencies hasn't changed much in 20 years, but the competition has exploded, according to Rapp Worldwide CEO Marco Scognamiglio. "Your Wundermans, your Ogilvys, your RAPPs are still big, successful businesses. We've done very few acquisitions. We've grown organically," Marco Scognamiglio says in the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks.

Episode 49: Who Doesn't Envy Hulu?

As big brands seeking younger audiences move TV budgets online, some have been put off by digital's triple threat: brand safety, viewability and fraud. Hulu is there for them. Hulu basically offers the benefits of TV in a digital buy, according to Doug Fleming, Hula’s head of advanced TV. Seventy-seven percent of Hulu viewing happens on a TV device, offering advertisers the creative impact of television with the data advantages of digital.

Episode 48: SpotX Builds The Modern Ad Server

CEO Mike Shehan is focused on building out SpotX's capabilities in linear and connected TV. That initiative requires a substantial investment in engineering and sales for a company that started life as a video ad exchange – its original name was SpotXchange – but has evolved into a complete monetization platform.

Episode 47: Sizing Up Sizmek

Mark Grether, CEO of Sizmek, discusses the company's recent acquisition by PE firm Vector Capital, its subsequent acquisition of Rocket Fuel and more.

Episode 46: Talking Sports With Bleacher Report CEO Dave Finocchio

In this episode: BR's programmatic philosophy, how people watch sports now and why Finocchio came back to run Bleacher.

Episode 45: Criteo CEO Eric Eichmann Defies Gravity

Clocking at 44 minutes, the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks with Criteo CEO Eric Eichmann is our longest yet. Pardon our loquaciousness, but there was just so much to talk about.

Episode 44: Auren Hoffman Tells The Truth

On the podcast this week, SafeGraph CEO Auren Hoffman talks about his trajectory and his new company's pure focus on providing accurate location data.

Episode 43: Checking In With Twitter's MoPub

This week on AdExchanger Talks, MoPub honcho Janae Redmond holds forth on changes in the mobile app ecosystem – and how the Twitter-owned exchange has responded to them.

Episode 42: Resolving LiveRamp's Identity

After graduating Stanford in 2010 with a degree in math and computational sciences, Anneka Gupta took her first software engineering job with a company called Rapleaf. That was seven years ago, and she's still there – though the company and its positioning have changed utterly.

Episode 41: Adblock Plus Soldiers On

Till Faida, CEO of Eyeo discusses how the company has pressed ahead with its strategy to give users more control over their ad environment with tools like the Adblock Plus browser extension from its headline grabbing days in 2015 and 2016, when ad blocking rates in the US and Europe surpassed 20% of desktop users to today.

 Episode 40: Programmatic For The B2B Marketer

"B2B always kind of follows B2C, whether it's the use of video, social media or commerce," Dun & Bradstreet CEO Bob Carrigan says in the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks. "And programmatic is moving aggressively now into the B2B space."

Episode 39: Glossy Programmatic

Condé Nast has sold programmatically for years. It was the first publisher to open a private marketplace, circa 2010. Over the last two years, the publisher is trying to take it to the next level.

Episode 38: Weather's New Pattern

For this week's episode of AdExchanger Talks, we have The Weather Co. in the studio. The IBM subsidiary is a huge seller of mobile app inventory, and has recently opened a new chapter by licensing its data asset separately from media.

Episode 37: How Index Exchange Rose With The Header

The emergence of header bidding three years ago came close on the heels of Index Exchange's pivot from traditional media sales into programmatic publisher enablement. In this week's episode of AdExchanger Talks, CEO Andrew Casale describes the reinvention header bidding enabled for his 16-year-old family-operated business.

Episode 36: Don't Call MDC Partners A Holding Company

MDC Partners CEO Scott Kauffman and president of global digital operations Michael Bassik share their perspectives on data, consulting, investments and more.

Episode 35: TripleLift's Native Language

Google and Facebook have no problem compelling advertisers to create ads that visually conform to their huge platforms. Smaller publishers? Not so much. This week's podcast guest, TripleLift CEO Eric Berry, built his company five years ago based on that basic reality. Five years later, the programmatic native company is on track to exceed $100 million in annual revenue.

Episode 34: BMO Analyst Dan Salmon Tracks A Changing Market

BMO Capital Markets equity research analyst Dan Salmon on why the Total Addressable Market continues to grow in spite of cost pressure from big CPGs, the Amazon freight train and what the future may hold for the digital duopoly.

Episode 33: BI Throws Its Weight Behind Ads.txt

Business Insider's Jana Meron explains why she is a big proponent of Ads.txt. She also touches on header bidding, the durability of open exchanges and how BI used programmatic to launch an entirely new media brand – the social-first Insider.

Episode 32: CEO Bill Wise Calls Mediaocean 'The Past And Future Of Ad Tech'

In this episode, Mediaocean CEO Bill Wise discusses competitive threats, skepticism on marketing technology, a gloomy view of SSPs and The Trade Desk's special sauce.

Episode 31: GroupM's Social Life

In the discussion, Kieley Taylor evaluates the relative strength and maturity of API programs offered by social media platforms, each of which has a different ad infrastructure and a different set of rules.

Episode 30: How Spotify Blazed A Trail In Audio Ads

In this 30-minute conversation, Les Hollander surveys Spotify's tapestry of ad offerings and its opportunity within the broader radio market. US advertisers spent about $1 billion on digital audio in 2016 and $15 billion on terrestrial radio. "It's a big marketplace," he says. "It's ripe for disruption."

Episode 29: AdRoll Rolls On

Among early programmatic ad platforms, 10-year-old AdRoll is unique in the breadth of its customer base. With 35,000 mostly small-to-mid-sized companies in its roster, it claims to be the most widely adopted standalone performance-marketing platform.

Episode 28: Rubicon CEO Michael Barrett On Take Rates And Industry Change

Barrett talks in-depth about his client listening tour and his roadmap for the company. Rubicon Project was tripped up last year by the header bidding trend and client pushback on fees, but he says the rapid pace of change leaves room to innovate.

Episode 27: Crazy Like A Vox

Vox Media has embraced automated selling and is finding ways to enhance its programmatic offerings. In this week’s episode, VP Ryan Pauley discusses walled garden scale, the ad tech tax, content studios, the problem with "programmatic native" and more.

Episode 26: NBCU Puts Data In The Upfront

This year NBCUniversal is substantially altering its go-to-market for the upfronts. In the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks, NBCU's SVP of advanced advertising products, Denise Colella, details the changes.

Episode 25: A Deep Dive On Facebook Instant Articles With The Washington Post

This week's episode offers an in-depth discussion with Jarrod Dicker, WaPo's head of commercial product and technology, on the publisher's aggressive experiments with Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP, Apple News and Snapchat.

Episode 24: Inside Bloomberg's Nine-Figure Ad Business

As global CRO at Bloomberg Media, Keith Grossman oversees a "business within a business" that reaches 62 million users and brings in nine figures of revenue annually. Grossman talks about his sales strategy for that business-focused audience, and where programmatic fits in. 

Episode 23: Oracle-Moat Deal Is A Walled Garden Power Play

When the news dropped that Oracle would acquire Moat, DataXu CEO Mike Baker's first thought was not that Oracle had made a big move in measurement, but that it had bought a piece of the walled garden action.

Episode 22: Optimizing The Upfront Buy

VideoAmp's 25-year-old CEO, Ross McCray, talks about his company's ambition to unify media planning across digital, mobile and television – including linear TV media bought during the upfronts.

Episode 21: Merkle's Data Worldview

Six months ago Dentsu officially closed on its $1.5 billion acquisition of CRM and digital media agency Merkle. In this episode, chief data and product officer John Lee discusses the integration of Merkle's data assets with the holding company. 

Episode 20: Tips For Incremental In-Housing

For marketers considering bringing programmatic advertising in-house, Jounce Media founder Chris Kane has a word of advice: Break the process into steps. In this, our twentieth episode, Kane also touches on financial pressures faced by CMOs and the measurement games publishers play.

Episode 19: Chatting With Essence, Google's Ambassador At GroupM

Essence, digital agency to Google, was acquired by GroupM in 2015. In this episode, Chief Product Officer Andrew Shebbeare talks about the company's service model and Google's sudden brand safety crisis.

Episode 18: In Fast Times, The Times Gets Faster

Sebastian Tomich, SVP of advertising and innovation for The New York Times, talks about the revenue mix at America's paper of record. He says that even as it doubles down on high-end brand partnerships, the Times is looking to offload day-to-day tactical media sales. "All of the sponsorships are becoming much more high end and much more involved on our side. What's going away is that tactical middle where you had media agencies sending us RFPs." Also in this episode: Do brands really care about fake news? Is the Times home page undervalued? And does the company care about data leakage?

Episode 17: The Ari Paparo Episode

The Beeswax founder provides a company update and talks about a range of digital ad trends with his signature dry humor. It's all here – Snapchat, Google, Facebook, AppNexus, header bidding, consolidation and the long VC drought – and you'll want to hear the whole thing.

Episode 16: Forrester's Quality Equation

In a recent report, Forrester Research said quality concerns could lead marketers to scale back on programmatic in the short term and accept higher prices for verified inventory. "We're not saying pull out of programmatic. That's absurd," Melissa Parrish, Forrester VP and Research Director, explains in the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks. "We're saying, take advantage of the controls you have."

Episode 15: How Omnicom Won Pitchapalooza

Omnicom Group led all of its peers in the total value of its creative and media business wins last year. In this episode, its digital chief Jonathan Nelson talks about the data and technology strategy that contributed to those wins and recent changes in the marketing technology ecosystem. .

Episode 14: mParticle Vs. Mobile Data Fragmentation

In the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks, mParticle CEO Michael Katz talks about the vision behind mParticle, his three-year-old startup that consolidates data feeds in the fragmented app ecosystem. (He describes it as an "API of APIs.") Katz sold his previous startup Interclick to Yahoo in 2011, and in this episode he also describes how he's doing things differently the second time around.

Episode 13: 58-Year-Old Wunderman Tackles Machine Learning

Wunderman's competitive set is huge, since it competes in areas like data architecture (Acxiom, Epsilon), consulting (Accenture, Unbound) and digital creative (AKQA, SapientRazorfish). In this episode, North America CEO Seth Solomons talks about the agency's approach to machine learning, client data hygiene and measuring walled gardens.

Episode 12: Sourcepoint CEO Ben Barokas Looks Beyond Ad Blocking To Paywalls

Sourcepoint once solely focused on helping publishers solve for ad blocking. Today it's pushing into subscription enablement for those media companies – and even bundling subscriptions across publishers. CEO Ben Barokas discusses his company's latest funding, its mission and trends in ad blocking and publisher monetization.

Episode 11: For Drawbridge's Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, It's Not Only About The Ads

The number of independent cross-device players continues to shrink amid a wave of consolidation. Last year Telenor snapped up Tapad, and Adelphic went to Time Inc. just this week. Drawbridge, led by CEO Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, is the lone wolf in that space.

Episode 10: The Trade Desk CEO Jeff Green

Four months after its IPO, The Trade Desk is valued at $1.1 billion. The company is now using the $90 million raised by the offering to grow in areas like mobile, TV/video, private deals and global expansion. In this interview, Green holds forth on the company's strategic focus on buy-side customers - particularly agencies - and the future of programmatic business models, among other topics.

Episode 9: PubMatic Prez Kirk McDonald Sizes Up Header Bidding's Impact

Header bidding has been great for publishers and, as a rule, tough on sell-side platforms. In this discussion, PubMatic President Kirk McDonald talks about evolution of the programmatic selling model and where his company is making bets. "Header bidding has moved control of ad serving back to the publisher," McDonald says in this episode of AdExchanger Talks. "The evolution is putting publishers back in a place where they're controlling the tension around access to their impressions."

Episode 8: Nate Woodman Says Brands Will Eventually Own Proprietary Machine-Learning Models

According to Nate Woodman, GM of demand solutions at IPONWEB, a small club of marketers is working on proprietary machine-learning models. Doing so won't be easy. "The challenge to the industry, and it's a daunting one, is to find a way to spread proprietary algorithms across programmatic platforms," he says in this episode. "Most brands aren't even close to realizing this vision, but some are making overtures." 

Episode 7: Cadreon's Erica Schmidt Sees Risk In Ad Tech Consolidation

In this wide ranging discussion, Cadreon's Erica Schmidt discusses IPG's evolving programmatic revenue model, the slow evolution of the CMO, and the risk that ad tech consolidation will stymie innovation.

Episode 6: Integral CEO Scott Knoll: The Brand-Led Ad Quality Revolution Is Still Unfolding

Integral Ad Science has evolved from a brand safety purveyor to a holistic arbiter of ad quality. What's next? In this episode, Knoll talks about the IAS product roadmap, and suggests the ability to track duration of ad exposure across media placements represents a new direction. He also discusses the company's financials and the possibility of a 2017 IPO.

Episode 5: Annalect's Erin Matts Says Data-Driven Creative Is The Next Big Prize

Omnicom Group's analytics arm, Annalect, helped it capture a bunch of new business in 2016. And not only media agency accounts. "We've optimized the heck out of the media side of things for so long. Let's go back and do that for the creatives," North America CEO Erin Matts says in this episode. "That piece of it where data and analytics is reuniting media and creative … has been something clients really respond to." Also in this episode: Annalect's skunkworks culture, technology approach and obsession with cross-device identity in the age of walled gardens.

Episode 4 - MediaMath CEO Joe Zawadzki Says Programmatic Is In A New Phase

Joe Zawadzki is a founder of multiple ad tech companies and a frequent angel investor. In this AdExchanger Talks podcast he discusses the forces changing programmatic buying, including the rise of header bidding and new access to retail data. He also describes the shifting roadmap at MediaMath and what he needs to bring as a leader and manager.

Episode 3 - Google/AdMeld Vet Brian Adams On His New Machine Learning Startup  

Brian Adams was the CTO of AdMeld, an early stage sell-side platform acquired by Google in 2011. Then, after four years spent running aspects of Google's publisher business, he launched a consumer-facing startup with MightyTV, an app that uses data and machine learning to help people decide what TV and movies to watch. In this AdExchanger Talks podcast, he talks about life after Google and how machine learning will factor into user media consumption. 

Episode 2 - Nielsen's Lynda Clarizio Talks Measurement Evolution

In this AdExchanger Talks podcast, Lynda Clarizio, President of US Media at Nielsen, talks in depth about Nielsen's evolving research approach, which combines the company's classic panel-based approach with new digital and "census" methodologies. She also addresses critics of Nielsen and how networks have responded to Nielsen reports of linear TV declines. (They sometimes blame the ref.) And the discussion ends with a discussion of women in the media and ad tech sectors. 

Episode 1 - GroupM's Brian Lesser: 'Agency Leverage' In The Future Is All About Data

Brian Lesser was promoted to run GroupM in North America last year after building its Xaxis trading desk into a billion dollar business. "My job is to transform GroupM to be much more about gathering data about consumers, because that's where our leverage is going to come from in the future." In this inaugural AdExchanger Talks podcast episode, Lesser discusses the evolving transparency debate, GroupM's ad tech investments and changes to the holding company model.  


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